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Seed Hawk

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Anyone have any good or bad stories about Seed Hawk airdrills. Maybe trading my 60 ft. JD 1820 off on one. Are Conservapacs or any others as accurate for seed placement.
Author :          Agriville User
Date Posted : 1/23/2008 1:15:55 AM
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Have a conservapac for years now, love it. It is the original, others are copies, hence the lawsuit that conservapac lost. John deere took over conservapac now- not sure what will happen to the price for parts or if we will be able to get used parts anymore. I'm sure seedmaster, conservapac and seedhawk are the same for seed placement, or so close no one would notice.
Date Posted : 1/23/2008 1:16:39 AM
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How is the maintenance on these drills and do they have trade in value?
Date Posted : 1/23/2008 1:17:49 AM
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The seedmaster and seed hawk are good drills, but the length of the shanks are quite a bit longer than the ones on the conserva-pak. This makes a difference when it comes to turning and the amount of side draft that is encountered. My father-in-law has a seedmaster and has found that turning right is about the only option for keeping the seed rows some what spaced out. Conserva-pak's are good for the fact that if you get into a little bit of mud, you can lift the drill out of the ground just a little vs. the seedmaster/seed hawk where you have it all in the ground or all out of the ground. In a seedmaster/seed hawk comparison, the seedmaster has a few inprovments starting with having a machined slot on the fert. trip vs. the chain on the seed hawk(which eventually stretches and changes length). As a ending note, don't waste you money on the smart hitch on any spacing smaller than 12 inches.
Date Posted : 1/23/2008 1:18:09 AM
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I would stay as far away from Seedmaster as possible...rumor these days (from an inside worker) is that they are on the edge of going under. Growing too big too fast and being asked to take pay cuts
Date Posted : 8/17/2009 12:55:01 AM
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Find your comments interesting about Seedhawks, Seedmasters and Conservapaks. Only after reading your comments that now I am sold on the Conservapak after having considered them all. The fact you can't partially raise the drills in mud or borderline wet conditions is something I had not thought of. The spring of 2011 would have us cussing the first 2. I would like to know why you are not impressed with the seed between the row hitches. Keep up the good work
Date Posted : 1/27/2011 12:01:19 PM
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Seedhawk is better than conservapak. You can adjust packing pressure from cab. Packers are too skinny on the pak and hawk likely has more packing pressure available. Resale is way better on hawks. Don't get hung up just because its green. When it comes to seeding purple is out front!
Date Posted : 9/22/2011 5:29:57 PM
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In theory, comparing seed and fertilizer placement between SH, SM & CP openers is like choosing the color of machine you like, so for me all the banter and reasoning for preference is just that. However, the recent post about "packing pressure" (especially the comment about 'too skinny on the pak') sparked the desire to get engaged. Agronomically, I think the CP has superior design because the fertilizer shank remains independant from the seed placement/packing components during field operation. SH and SM, as well as the newer independant single-shank designs, pretty much depend on so-called "down pressure" to maintain penetration for fertilizer banding as well as seed placement. Thus, the wide packers and sophisticated hydraulic systems, not to mention problems with failed bearings, chain stretch, pin wear, etc. I use 1999 original CP (ie: spring-can with offset seed tube) with the narrow poly-packers and marvel at the low maintenance (only cracked one, but it remains operational).
Date Posted : 11/21/2011 12:29:44 PM
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The seed hawk and seedmaster have almost idential frames and trips assemblies, the big difference is that the seed hawk requires you to change the full length of the shank when it is wore out but the seedmaster needs only a short tip to be changed. The depth controls are also different, SM uses a slotted hole on the packing wheel and SM uses a lock pin adjustment on the packer wheel arm. I live in SE saskatchewan and have several neighbors with SH's and one with a conserva pak, the SH grow better crops in this area. Keep in mind that seed hawk and seed master use hydraulic downpressure for packing which requires another hydraulic cicuit on the tractor so be sure your tractor has the hydraulic capacity to handle it. Some have found out that a seed hawk's frame can be twisted if the outfit is badly stuck in the mud and has to be pulled out cornerways.
Date Posted : 1/5/2013 1:54:53 PM
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Seems weird that you guys say the conservapac you can just lift out a little when you get in wet stuff with my seed hawk you set your packer relief to 50 percent hit the switch when you start to spin it puts 50 percent of the weight on the packers and 50 percent on the wheels and you pull it through
Date Posted : 5/9/2017 10:19:56 PM
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