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Field mapping

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Need a favour - Have another hair brained idea to experiment with field mapping.
I think I could map out each field based on the drag effort of plough or other cultivation equipment which could give some interesting data - compaction? changing soil types, location of stones etc.

Anyway I am hoping to use existing field mapping software like trimble so I need to find the file format they use. Does anybody have any sample yield map files from trimble or other yield monitors or indeed any other field mapping application?

Please Help.
Thanks !

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Author :          william hawk
Date Posted : 5/19/2017 9:56:10 AM
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Are you thinking about the regular SHP. file that is made up of the 4 files (SHP., DBF, PRJ, SHX)? I like the idea, is there equipment out there measuring drag effect? and how is that measured? by the KW (hp) output of a tractor?
Author :          Darren Scholten
Date Posted : 5/25/2017 12:50:10 PM
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