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Grain Inspections, Packers & Stockyards Admin.

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Grain Inspectors, Packers & Stockyards Administration. (G I P S A ) Do you know that the US Congress is about to defund GIPSA, the only USDA protection the small independent farm has left?
The US House has already passed the amendment by a vote of 24 to 26. The US senate is considering the amendment as I write this chat! Congress is under pressure from large Ag related corporation to keep full control of what farmers do!

Look up the GIPSA Final Rule and read it. Call your Senator and tell them to vote against the GIPSA Amendment.
Call if you have any questions. I can answer from a small farmers prospective. 910-818-1170, Tom Butler: butlerfarms419@aol.com
Author :          William T.(Tom) Butler
Date Posted : 6/9/2016 8:48:16 AM
Re:Grain Inspections, Packers & Stockyards Admin. Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
I haven't kept up on this matter but as a small producer, it worries me that someday soon we will be run over by Big Ag.If this defunding passes through the Senate, how will this affect the family farm?
Date Posted : 8/11/2016 11:56:32 AM
Re: De-Funding GIPSA Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
In my opinion, as a contract grower, it will leave us more helpless than we are now. We are already at the point where we have no say so in what we do for Big Ag. I am a contract swine grower and I am a puppet to my contract and that will remain so until we get the legal power to change it. If we can stop the de-funding by the US Senate we can pass the GIPSA Final Rule which will give us some bargaining power at the end of the day. Big Ag see GIPSA as an enemy to their enormous profits. The huge cost Big Ag speaks of, in its propaganda against GIPSA, is made up primarily of the money that they would have to share with the small farmer. Under current law we do not have any way to change a contract except to quit and most growers still have a pending debt and this is not an option.
Link/URL:   http://www.butlerbioenergy.info
Author :          William T.(Tom) Butler
Date Posted : 10/26/2016 8:27:38 AM
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