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Online Auction, used tractors/Devils Lake, ND area

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Hello, I'm trying to help an older man that drove from Grand Forks, ND to Devils Lake, ND (or close to DL, he wasn't sure) just a few days ago to see what the guy was selling. The guy told him the sale is online. The older man didn't know that & has no idea of how to use a computer, so I thought I'd try to help him.

He said if he heard the guy right he said his name is: Charles Pfau. He pronounced it as "Pa" to the older friend of mine. I don't know if I've spelled it right.

Date Posted : 7/14/2017 7:16:46 PM
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You are doing a good job by helping that older man to buy the tractor online as he doenot know how to buy it online. The world is a better place when everyone is out helping others.
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Date Posted : 8/24/2017 8:56:09 AM
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