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Chat Participating Help


Chat allows you to share and exchange information and knowledge of topics related to with other users of
The chat screen provides a variety of facilities to easily access a desired topic of your choice.
Select the chat option of the main menu to display the chat page.

Chat Form

The chat page provides you with the following options:

•       Search facility: Allows you to enter a keyword and search in all the chat groups or a specific chat group.
•       Chat groups: Provides a listing of groups with a count of topics present in them.
•       Popular Chat: Displays the top 10 chat topics – the chats that have received the most messages.
•       Chat for you: Displays the last 10 chat topics viewed by you.
•       Most Recent Chat: Displays the 10 most recent topics.

When you select a particular chat group, the page displays a listing of the topics in that group. You have the option to view the topics in two formats.

Compact view:

Displays the topic name, author, replies, last post on the topic with the date and time stamp

Thread view:

Displays the topics and responses posted in a hierarchical manner with the author and date, time stamp.

By default the topic will be displayed in the compact view if the mode of view is not mentioned while adding the new topic.

Add a new topic

To add a new topic you have to be a registered user of To register yourself, 
please follow the steps in the section titled Registration in this user guide. 

1.    Select the group in which you want to post a new topic. Click on the select a group  icon to select the group from the pre-defined chat groups.
2.    Click on   icon.

    In the Topic field, type the title of the topic.

   If you are logged in, the First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Email will be automatically displayed from your profile. These fields are non-editable. 

   In the Message field, type in the contents of your topic.

   In the Optional Image Attachment(s), you can upload a maximum of three images to be displayed with your topic. Click on the    button to select the image to be uploaded into the application.

   Select either the Compact view or Thread view for your topic.

   Click the Post Topic to upload the topic into

   Clicking on Cancel Post will not add the topic you have created into

Posting a Reply

To post your replies to an existing topic in, you need not be a registered user of Click on Reply to this Topic for an existing topic or Reply to this message for a reply already posted for the selected topic.

The page displayed is similar to the one shown in Add a new topic. Kindly follow the steps given in the Add a new topic section to post a reply for an existing topic.

Report a Topic or Reply to a Topic as offensive

If you find any topic in the chat page or a reply given for a topic to be offensive, we encourage you to report the offensive chat to the webmaster immediately.   Appropriate action will be taken by the Webmaster.

To report a topic as offensive, navigate to the topic. Click on Report this Message.
The page displayed is similar to the one shown in Add a new topic. Kindly follow the steps given in Add a new topic section to report a topic to

To send a comment to the author

As values user privacy the email address of the authors are not displayed on the page, but you can send your comments through

1.   Click on the Author name displayed in the topic.


2.   In the Your Name field, type your name.

   In the Your Email field, type your email address.

   In the Comment field, type in your comments for the author of the topic.

   Click on Send to mail your comments to the author.

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