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What did Bush say ?

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Only caught part of the state of the union speech but one thing stood out on biofuel? A four fold increase in production by 2017!
He also spoke about "cellulose" production of bio fuel, which would probably be grass and other forage as well as wood waste products?
The bottom line is a huge chunk of land is going to be shifted from food production into energy production?
I would suggest a similar solution for Canada would be very helpful for the Canadian farmers viability?
What would happen if the production of every available acre of farm land in Canada could be consumed domestically? No more need to export grain,beef, pork...because the best price for production would be right in our own country? No more need to get beat up by foreign subsidies in the export markets?
Canada is a small country in population? Canadian farmers produce too much food for our domestic market? It makes total sense to reduce that food supply to what the domestic market demands...isn't that exactly what supply management does?
At the same time we would be filling a domestic energy market, burning a "greener" fuel, getting our farmers out of the taxpayers pocket? A win-win situation all around?
Author :          Agriville User
Date Posted : 1/24/2008 1:56:31 AM
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You are probably right cowman. For 50 years we have had the idea cemented into our heads that we can not survive unless we export our wealth in order to get those little peaces of paper called debt canceling instruments or by another name, the Canadian "dollar". And it has been de-valued lower and lower making our assets a steel for foreign investers.
Date Posted : 1/24/2008 1:56:48 AM
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A problem with that theory might be that the processing capacity in all sectors of agriculture are owned by foreign wealth extractors. Will they want to target all their production to the Canadian market? I don't think they will accept that is how the global economy works. Also without exports we would be awash with energy - why would we need biofuels?. Accept it Canada is run like a colony of an imperial power - there for the resource and wealth to be extracted and shipped back to the mother country.
Date Posted : 1/24/2008 1:57:21 AM
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But grassfarmer, we would still be exporting energy? The USA has indicated they want to move to basic self sufficiency and not have to rely on the middle east or unstable people like Chavez in Venuzuala? The USA can not supply all their energy needs? They rely on Canadian oil and gas?
Really consider this: Does it make sense to only produce enough agricultural products to supply our domestic supply? It works fairly well with milk, eggs and poultry? Why couldn't it work with grain, beef and hogs?
Do we really need to send cattle, hogs and grain to the USA when we continually get slammed by protectionist American farmers? They do seem to have no problem with us sending them cheap oil and gas ?
Date Posted : 1/24/2008 1:59:09 AM
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One more thing...sorry... "Why would we need biofuels?"
Because it is legislated? Come hell or high water...someone has to supply the blend? The USA is going to find it difficult to supply their own legislated blend...so opportunity knocks...for the Canadian farmer !
Date Posted : 1/24/2008 1:59:27 AM
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