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New to spraying and need help in a bad way.

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Help please. I'm extremely new to the farming thing and need some pointers on spraying. I'm working for a hybrid company and they just threw me in their Hagie 284, gave me a 5 second lesson and presto! I'm the new spray guy. So any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
Author :          Rich Snyder
Date Posted : 5/26/2009 6:30:41 PM
Re: New to spraying and need help in a bad way. Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
Hi Rich:

It looks like your employer is in a jam....not much training and they better support you because spraying the wrong herbicide on the wrong crop or field could be very damaging and expensive....

You have alot to learn in a short period of time as we are entering the spraying season.
Is there an old hand you can tap into for advice and help? If not network around through friends, family etc to find someone with some experience.

You can also find some books and manuals....most places want the custom app operators to have some training...ask your manager.....if he can't help you ask his manager...

Do you have a cell phone, if not get one. You will likely have questions when on the go.

You should be fine as long as you get some support. Good luck.

Date Posted : 5/27/2009 9:25:16 AM
Re: Re: New to spraying and need help in a bad way Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
Thanks Jake. Well our old spray guy passed away, friend of mine. And as i stated I'm only 2 years into agriculture on a large scale {at least to me}. this is my first go at the net to gain info. As for friends or family, most of my friends I work with and there was only one spray guy for 25 years. but I will remain on the look out for any info. Thanks again. The chemicals aren't a big deal, as I have had a pretty good "victory garden" most of my life. I've also read all the info on the chemical containers. But as they say "Nobody's perfect." Cell phone is provided by employer. We mostly deal in hybrid corn and soybeans. Well thanks again again!
Date Posted : 5/27/2009 10:14:29 PM
Re: Re: Re: New to spraying and need help in a bad Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
Hey Rich:

If I think about the challenges I face when I spray, even with 20 plus years of experience, it boils down to two areas:

1) Mistakes related to product - getting the rate wrong, tank mixing improperly with other products, wrong water volume for the product, applying at improper weed/crop stage.

2) Mechanical or equip related problems - plugged nozzle tips, poor performing pump (often due to plugged filters), boom damage due to fencerows, trees, etc.

One other comment: some crop protection products can be overlapped without any issue (glyphosate for example). Other products must not be overlapped or you will have damage.

Do you have GPS guidance equipment in your sprayer rig? If so, you have an enormous advantage over those of us who learned to spray with no guidance equip. It makes the job MUCH easier.

If you have specific questions as you go, I'd be happy to try and help.


Date Posted : 5/28/2009 7:18:00 AM
Re:New to spraying and need help in a bad way. Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
Thanks PG. Yes we do have GPS installed. works great. the onle probs with the sprayer are electrical. Alternator...etc. No fences where we are only trees and crooked fields. Other than that I guess it goes to the chemicals.. we mostly use roundup or a different glyphosphate. And Lumaxw/atrazine. As for mixing I adhere to the booklets with the chemical, unless otherwise instructed. The owner makes that call. The boss just bought a very large warehouse and I was goint to ask him for a corner to grow the different weeds on the farm and experiment with different chems to see which is the most effective. Would this work in a controled environment as opposed to the actual land? Any comments?
Date Posted : 5/28/2009 4:31:36 PM
Re: New to spraying and need help in a bad way. Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
I would not worry about growing weeds in a controlled area....I suspect you will get a pretty good understanding about what works best for you by walking and scouting the fields after you use a weed control program...

The crop protection companies also have pretty good support, get to know the local rep and meet his agronomic support team. They could be a good resource for you if you have any questions or issues.

Good luck with things this year.

Date Posted : 5/29/2009 11:01:34 AM
Re:New to spraying and need help in a bad way. Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
Thanks Joe, for the input. Maybe you or someone else could point me to where I could get a weed guide. That would be very helpful I assume.
Date Posted : 5/30/2009 5:59:38 AM
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