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Will we have $4/bu corn in the fall?

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It seems like the marketing experts are all trying to scare us into pricing corn now.

If you look at the Drought monitor maps, we are still pretty dry in the midwest.

Have you guys priced much 2013 crop?

What prices are you using for this year's farm budgets?

Author :          Michael Dales
Date Posted : 2/23/2013 12:05:40 PM
Re:Will we have $4/bu corn in the fall? Report this Message    |   Reply to this Message
I think it would be interesting to know just how much new crop is actually sold. We keep hearing that farmers are not contracting as much because of prices going higher during the summers the lastcouple of years. We also heard that a lot last year and when fall got here it seemed like there was a lot more contracted then anyone thought. I was at a farm meeting the other day were there where about 4 of us talking and I asked them how much new crop they had sold expecting to hear a low number. The 4 of us ranged anywhere from 35% sold up to 60% for 2013 and 20% for 2014. Maybe people just are not saying how much they have sold because the weather has proven us wrong the last couple of years.

It is going to be an interesting year.

Date Posted : 2/23/2013 12:12:24 PM
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