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need education on farm equipment

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Just bought 13 acres of undisturbed woodland near Butler, Ga. Use: maintain as woodland, improve/preserve native plants and trees for wildlife (no hunting). Currently a mix of pine, hardwoods, native wildflowers, fruit trees, and berries, all of which I want to preserve and promote. Varied terrain: a plateau on the south side, gently sloping downward toward the north with a couple a terraces between the slopes, and an area I call the Bottoms (damp, but no standing water). Will have a well drilled and electric within a couple of months; in two years, will build a 250 to 300 sq ft tiny house.

Need small size farm equipment for general use but am so ignorant about farm equipment I don't even know what type to search or ask for - small tractor, utility vehicle, attachments? My uses for the equipment are general purpose to haul, pull, dig, and push.

Can you help me identify what equipment I need? And secondly, where can I buy small, used farm equipment? Thank you, Sal
Date Posted : 6/27/2016 7:48:28 AM
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Good day,

I need full knowledge of watermelon.
- By planting seeds
- Which chemical to use and when to use, after plant the watermelon seeds
- When to apply fertilizer and when to apply it
- Which method of apply fertilizer is the best between (Band and Broadcast)
- Chemical to use to control weeds and when to use it
- Chemical to use to control pest and when to use it

Please note that I will appreciate any information that will be useful for me to boost my production of watermelon.

Thank You,
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Date Posted : 7/27/2016 4:40:35 AM
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I have a new fram. Sprayer gps pro. I can't get to highlight on new circle mod .need help
Date Posted : 8/25/2016 10:12:03 AM
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