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Are you a farmer in SW ON? Survey PA and Broadband

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Connectivity and Precision Agriculture in SW Ontario Crop Farming

GUELPH, ONTARIO (October 18, 2016) – Researchers at the Ontario Agricultural College in the Regional and Rural Broadband (R2B2) project are working on a study of how current and future connectivity influences the adoption of Precision Agriculture (PA) technologies among crop farmers in South Western Ontario.

If you are a farm operator growing field crops in SW Ontario who is currently using, or not yet using, PA technologies you are invited to participate in the e-survey:


The objective is to analyze the extent to which access to high-speed internet, or lack thereof, serves as an enabler/barrier to the adoption of various PA applications.

The study is funded by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada’s (AAFC) Innovation and Growth Policy Division (IGPD).

Updates on this project will be posted on*R2B2project.ca*site.

Helen Hambly
Capacity Development & Extension
Ontario Agricultural College
University of Guelph
519-824-4120, Ext. 53408
Link/URL:   http://www.r2b2project.ca
Date Posted : 10/18/2016 10:58:03 AM
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