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Food Freedom Day – February 12. A Call To Secure The Future Of Food And Farm

Feb 06, 2012

OTTAWA - On February 12, 2012, Canadians will have earned enough income to pay their grocery bill for the entire year.
In observing Food Freedom Day, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and its members encourage Canadians to get informed on the process that brings food to their table and make choices at the grocery store that will support the Canadian agriculture and agri-food industry.    
"Canadians can take pride in having some of the safest and most affordable food in the world. Farmers work hard to ensure the highest quality food is produced with exemplary food safety, animal welfare and environmental standards," said CFA President Ron Bonnett.    
Of the 11.8 percent Canadians pay for food overall, farmers continue to take only a very small percentage of the food dollar. Within the first three weeks of the year, an average consumer has earned enough income to pay the farmers' share of the food dollar.    
"This is a common story for many players along the value chain - the share they get does not adequately compensate their costs. The CFA strongly believes all stakeholders would benefit from a National Food Strategy. A plan to optimize our food system would strengthen agricultural businesses, create long-term value and make significant contributions to society," Bonnett remarked. 
"We encourage the adoption of a National Food Strategy - taking into account everything from promoting the Canadian brand and healthy lifestyles to sustaining economic growth and ecosystems," he added.
The NFS was developed by the agriculture and agri-food industry to ensure a more holistic and strategic approach to food and agriculture to meet the needs of the food system and future generations, as well as the global community. 
"We encourage all Canadians to stay informed with developments on the National Food Strategy and to encourage decision makers in their communities to support a long-term plan for our food and farms," concluded Bonnett. 
The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is the country's largest farmers' organization, representing provincial general farm organizations as well as national and interprovincial commodity organizations from every province - over 200,000 Canadian farmers and farm families.

Source: CFA FCA