Full Coverage OF USDA WASDE Report by USDA (Dec 11, 2012)

Full Coverage OF USDA WASDE Report

Corn Production for 2012/13 is Raised 19 Million Bushels

USDA: The Projected 2012/13 Season-Average Farm Price for all Wheat is Lowered

WASDE: US Cotton Falls, Erases Earlier Gains Ahead

WASDE: U.S. Oilseed Production For 2012/13 Is Projected At 91.4 Million Tons

USDA: Crop Production Report

USDA Crop Progress Report

USDA Market Summary

USDA: Export Sales Report

Stu Ellis: Unfriendly Weather and Lower Premium Rates.


Darrel Good: Will Corn and Soybean Prices Return to Pre-Drought Levels?


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