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Expanding markets for Ontario chicken processors

Expanding markets for Ontario chicken processors

Value-added and ethno-cultural strategic markets now included in CFO’s new entrant programs

By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


Chicken processors in Ontario can look forward to more opportunities to grow thanks to improvements to the Chicken Farmers of Ontario’s (CFO) suite of programs.

Last week, the CFO announced that its new-entrant program “will now provide additional opportunities for those businesses looking to process chicken and support strategic markets that are currently being under-served in Ontario,” according to a release.

The CFO hopes to help shape a favourable supply management policy in the province through these enhanced programs.

In addition, the programs may help create an “operating environment that consistently delivers value-creating solutions, and builds confidence and trust,” Ed Benjamins, chair of the CFO, said in the release.

CFO’s New Entrant Chicken Processors Program will serve two different strategic markets: value-added (i.e. organic, free range, pasture raised, specific breed, etc.) and ethno-cultural.

 “There are the traditional mainstream markets, which are well-provided for now, but the goal of the board is to always look for those new or emerging markets that are not currently being well-serviced,” Michael Edmonds, director of communications and government relations for the CFO, said in an interview with today.

Within the Chinese market, for example, there is demand for chicken with head and feet on, which requires different equipment for processing, Edmonds said.

There is also an increased demand for halal chicken within the Islamic community, he added.

“There are niches out there that are new or growing that we are looking to help support through a program like this.”

The application closing date for the value-added market is Oct. 27. For the ethno-cultural markets, the application closing date is Dec. 29.

Applicants have 24 months after approval to complete the processing plant and obtain any applicable Canadian Food Inspection Agency and provincial licenses.

For more information, check out the CFO website.



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