Senior Management Team

Our Senior Management Team

Graham Dyer, 
President and CEO, Ltd.

Graham Dyer has broad business and consulting experience in the financial, new economy, food and agricultural sectors. Graham excels in business planning, financial consulting, refining business processes, and converting ideas into reality. He has assisted numerous companies in strategic development, business planning, and raising equity financing. Graham is passionate about the development of new projects and experimenting with these projects to find the most profitable and efficient system. Graham has strong business education with a degree in agriculture business, a Masters in Business Administration and several accountant designations. Graham has a wide range of business management experience, from strategic business planning, to turning around a viable company, or assisting a company expand into new markets. Graham recognizes that in today’s new ag economy building partnerships and strategic alliances is the key to success.

Joseph Dales,
Senior Vice President and Director, Ltd.

Joseph has more than 25 years of agri-marketing and management experience with leading agriculture companies such as Pfizer, Syngenta Seeds and BASF (Cyanamid Crop Protection). As part of the senior management team, Joe oversees the planning, communications and implementation of the company's business strategies. Joe’s primary strengths are his strong innovation and business experience within the agriculture and food industries, an extensive network of producers and agribusinesses; and his superior strategic leadership. Joe is passionate about a number of key issues in agriculture including: innovation and adoption of technology, leveraging business management techniques, skills development, improved commodity risk management, human resources and development of people.  Joe has HBSc and a Masters in Business Administration.  He is one the Board of Directors of several agriculture and technology associations and companies.


Darren MarshlandDarren Marsland,
Chief Technology Officer, Professional Services

Darren is the technology innovator behind a number of’s interactive and technology offerings. He has also developed database structures and interactive websites for a variety of large external client projects. Darren enjoys collaborating on business initiatives and seeing a project from inception to successful business venture. Darren’s main strengths are his in-depth knowledge of technology and his ability to apply relevant technology to the needs of producers’ business approaches. He is passionate about entrepreneurial ideas, finding new business ideas or opportunities, and keeping informed of new technology and business models.


Paul Nolan, Publisher & EditorPaul Nolan,
Publisher & Editor, Media & Publishing

Paul has over 35 years of experience in media, including magazine publishing, community newspapers, and digital communication. Paul is a visionary strategic thinker who works with his team to ensure execution of innovative ideas into practice. Paul believes that good journalism matters and he also believes the organization can maintain editorial integrity without being arch enemies of the sales team! Over the past 15+ years, The Better Farming and Better Pork teams have built a dominant position in the agriculture industry in the Ontario marketplace. In addition to Paul’s passion for agriculture, he is also passionate about competitive sports, serving as the President and Board Chair of the Guelph Minor Hockey Association in 2015/2016. Paul is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Honours English & Political Science.



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