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Agra-Cam Camera Systems Increase Safety and Productivity

S.I. Distributing’s Agra-Cam equipment camera systems offer a solution for eliminating blind spots while being extremely durable. Agra-Cam cameras have a 3.6 mm lens, the best in the industry, with a 120 degree viewing angle.    

The complete systems come with the standard 700 TVL picture quality camera.  Each camera is equipped with a 65-pound magnet, metal visor, and a protective bracket to ensure durability*.  

The cameras have a 68 IP weatherproof rating, which ensures protection from the total dust ingress and protects it from long-term immersion up to a specified pressure. All cameras come equipped with a night vision setting for late-night surveillance.

Please note that adapters are available to connect cameras to OEM systems.

Bottom line, these cameras give you a clear picture and hold up under harsh environments.

Source: S. I. Distributing