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Agtrinsic and Ceres Imaging announce expansion of disease risk solution

the precision agriculture data analytics company that combines AI with remote sensing technologies to increase farm profits, has announced that its Field Disease Risk product will be made available to growers as part of Evergreen's Agtrinsic platform.

The expansion announcement is the result of five years of collaboration, and comes after a successful 2021 season limited release where Ceres Imaging and Agtrinsic offered their combined solution on a select 100,000 acres across Illinois.

"We were extremely pleased with the accuracy of the solution from last season's trials and are confident this will be an easy to use tool for our customers to save money and make better decisions with their fungicide applications," said Matt Free at Evergreen FS.

The disease risk solution will be available for dryland soybean and corn farmers in the Midwest US.  For growers in high disease risk regions, the solution helps with fungicide timing and provides flat or variable rate application recommendations.  For growers where fungicide is applied more selectively, the solution provides guidance on spray / no spray decisions, as well as timing and application rates.

Additionally, the tool also offers salespeople a data-driven solution to help them provide better agronomic support with fungicide decision making, backed by years of field trials.

"While other providers show where disease has already impacted a crop, this is the first proactive solution that gets ahead of disease risks before it impacts yield. We are honored that Evergreen FS is putting its trusted name behind this collaborative solution," said Ceres Imaging CEO Ashwin Madgavkar.

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