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Canadian Cattle Identification Agency announce NEWLY approved Beef ID Devices

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is pleased to announce three newly-approved CCIA radio frequency identification (RFID) animal indicators for application to bovine in Canada – 1) the Zee Tags® FDX-B RFID tag with a Hereford species-branded backing stud; 2) the Temple Tag® ComfortEar® FDX-B tag and 3) the Temple Tag® ComfortEar® HDX tag.
“Part of CCIA’s role as a Responsible Administrator for livestock ID and traceability initiatives is to assess animal identification devices using requirements defined in the National Performance Standards document. In order to meet these requirements, all animal ID devices must pass a series of extensive trials to test visual, mechanical, physical, electrical, readability and environmental capabilities at an ICAR-approved laboratory and in a one-year field trial on livestock,” states Paul Laronde, CCIA Tag and Technology Manager. “CCIA’s Technical Advisory Committee reviews the results of the testing and provides analysis with recommendations to CCIA’s Board of Directors whether to reject or recommend the device for approval by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.”
“Approved CCIA indicators for beef animals bear a unique 15-digit ID number and CCIA’s trademark; are yellow in colour with a yellow backing stud – unless otherwise approved; and they meet all requirements in the Canadian National Standards for RFID technology,” affirms CCIA General Manager Anne Brunet-Burgess. “It is important to note, the Zee Tags® FDX-B indicator is intended for application to the Hereford breed only, using a Zee Tags® applicator only. The Temple Tag® ComfortEar® FDX-B and HDX indicators are approved for application to non-breed specific beef 
cattle using the Herdsman® or Herdsman II applicators only. Since the ComfortEar® FDX-B and HDX design is different from other approved beef indicators, we look forward to industry’s invaluable response and comments.”
Source : Canadian Cattle Identification Agency