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CPTPP levels the playing field for Canada's Beef Industry
The National Cattle Feeders' Association (NCFA) applauds the Canadian government for signing the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Agreement in Chile today.
Future growth of the Canadian beef industry is heavily dependent on expanding international market access and exporting premium beef offshore. The rapidly developing markets of the Asia Pacific region offer enormous opportunities for the Canadian beef industry, but only if access can be negotiated similar to our competitors. Securing equal access to the Japanese market is critical. CPTPP will help Canada to reach its goal, outlined in the 2017 Federal Budget, of reaching $75 billion in agriculture and agri-food exports by 2025.
"NCFA supports a trade agenda for Canada that is bold, ambitious, and assertive," said NCFA Chair Ryan Thompson. "We are pleased to reiterate our full endorsement of the CPTPP and quick ratification by Parliament. The reason for our support is clear.  Canada's agriculture and agri-food industry is one of the most trade-dependent agricultural sectors in the world. Each year, we ship abroad over half our total agriculture and agri-food output." 
The CPTPP is an agreement negotiated by countries committed to 21st century trading principles and rules. As a successful exporting nation, Canadians will certainly benefit from a trade agreement that encompasses this modern framework.
Globally, the demand for agricultural products will only continue to grow and Canada is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. With our national interests at stake, NCFA strongly supports the Canadian government in the ratification of the CPTPP Agreement.
With some of our main competitors, like Australia, already benefitting from free trade agreements with countries in the trans-Pacific region, and thereby having huge advantages over Canada, NCFA values the CPTPP for levelling the playing field. It will also give cattle feeders a distinct advantage over the U.S. in the all-important Japanese market.
"Canada should approve CPTPP in parliament as soon as possible so we get in on the ground floor on tariff reductions and secure lower tariffs as quickly as possible," stated John Weekes, NCFA Trade Advisor, Senior Business Advisor at Bennett Jones, former ambassador to the WTO, and Canada's Chief Negotiator for the original NAFTA.
Source : National Cattle Feeders' Association