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DEKALB's 73 Series Canola Hybrids Continue Momentum in FACT Trials

DEKALB's 73 Series Canola Hybrids Continue Momentum in FACT Trials

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -- DEKALB's Field Analysis Comparison Trials (FACT) featuring the latest 73 Series canola hybrids are growing and performing well despite the variable weather conditions experienced across Western Canada.

One of the largest field scale testing programs in Canada, the FACT trials provide canola growers a glimpse of the very latest DEKALB canola technology.

"We've observed very strong early season performance in our trials across Western Canada with good emergence and strong vigor, especially in 73-45 RR and 73-75 RR," said Dave Kelner, technology development lead, Western Canada. "73-15 RR, our newest entry for the short season market, flowered early and is on track for an early finish."

DEKALB's agronomists, who supervise the program, are reporting that the yield momentum established with last year's new 73 Series canola hybrids, is continuing.

"We are seeing exceptional performance in terms of emergence, maturity and disease resistance early on and we look forward to hearing about growers' harvest experiences this fall," said Patrick Comte, DEKALB business manager, Western Canada. "The 73 Series is really starting to be noticed by growers in Western Canada and is creating a lot of momentum for the DEKALB brand."

Conducted in real field conditions at over 200 locations, the FACT Farm Tests provide canola growers an opportunity to evaluate the latest DEKALB brand hybrids in trials that are personally managed by their peers.

"Seeding was extremely difficult in the eastern Prairies, and we want to thank our grower cooperators for accommodating us and helping us get our trials in the ground. Although we have lost some trials, we'll still have strong data to share from over 200 FACT trials across Western Canada," said Kelner. "We're eager to see the combines roll and check the performance of the DEKALB line-up.

Trial results will be available shortly after harvest at

Growers who want more information on DEKALB's new 73 Series of canola hybrids should contact their local rep or call the DEKALB CustomCare Line at 1-800-667-4944.

Source: Monsanto Company