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Higher Efficiency in Snow Throwers Leads to More Choice for Small Equipment Operators

Elmira, ON - Simplicity and maintainability attract many equipment operators to hydraulically driven attachments, but the extra demand for engine horse power have limited their use to heavy tractors as the prime movers. With the newest models of single-stage snow throwers from REIST Industries, however, hydraulic drive is now a viable choice for operators of skid steers and smaller telehandlers or tractors.

“Whether you prefer PTO power or hydraulic, our latest single-stage throwers require 20% less horsepower than conventional two stage snow blowers,” says Brian Reist, of REIST Industries Inc. “That 20% power bonus makes it possible for us to offer hydraulic drive kits that operate efficiently on skid steers as small 35 HP.”

REIST manufactures three model ranges of single-stage snow throwers covering auger diameters from 16’’ 24’’ and 30’’ and widths from 48’’ up to 108’’; all are available with a choice of PTO or hydraulic drive. Another important feature to note on the single stage design is that there is no “spill- over” when operating at high travel speeds under light loads conditions because of the high speed rotor drawing the snow towards the chute instead of boiling out the sides. Brian Reist cautions that, when selecting a snow thrower, operators must take care in matching the right attachment to both the application and the prime mover.

For REIST’s hydraulic drive units, it is recommended the prime mover to be equipped with a hi-flow hydraulic system. Reist notes that only a small percentage of prime movers are purchased with the high-flow option, but the operators who own them have shown real interest in new options for winter work. With the right power unit, the REIST hydraulically driven attachments will turn these machines into an ideal solution for specialized snow-clearing applications such as city sidewalks, driveways and suburban cul-de-sacs. “These are the machines that operators need for municipalities where heavy equipment can’t fit in or there’s no room to bank the snow with a plow. Snow throwers let you cast the snow where you need it, whether it’s the box of a truck or the centre of a turnabout.”

Getting it right with REIST
“Right-sizing of the snow thrower will also play a part in the productivity of the machine,” Reist says. It is most important is to match up the choice of attachment to the prime mover hydraulic system or PTO horse power available. This ensures that the machine maintains proper engine speed and torque as it drives the tool. If the snow thrower is oversized for the prime mover, it won’t achieve the casting distances that make throwing snow preferable to plowing it. If it’s undersized, the tractor doesn’t operate up to its potential and its operating costs cut into profitability.

REIST’s smallest units, the 1000 Series, cut a 48” wide swath with a 16” auger and are recommended for power units in the range of 15 to 30 HP. The largest model in the 3000 Series runs up to 108” wide with a 30” auger on prime movers with up to 100 HP. In between, is the 2000 Series, featuring a 24” auger in 60” and 72” widths, which suits prime movers in the 25 to 55 HP range.

While a larger snow thrower should normally move more snow faster, a smaller thrower may get the job done more efficiently with its added maneuverability when working in confined or irregularly shaped areas. In any circumstance, the attachment should always be at least as wide as the tire tracks to avoid running in the snow banks. However, as Brian Reist says, “Every operator is different; you have to make your choice to fit the way you work and the work that needs to get done.”

To help operators fit their equipment to the job, REIST also offers its single-stage models in custom widths. All models can be equipped for hydraulic rotation of the discharge chute and deflector. The complete REIST line-up includes a single-stage pull-type snow thrower, using a PTO drive, for driveway applications. The standard pull-type model is reflected in the 3000 Series snow throwers, built around a 30” auger in a 96” width and designed for tractors from 40 to 100 HP.

REIST’s larger equipment includes a full range of two-stage models for heavy-duty snow removal. These are also offered in custom widths as well as the standard 9 ft. and 10 ft. models.  For more information visit

REIST 3000 Series Snowthrower
Equipped with high-flow hydraulics, this CAT Track Loader can move plenty of snow quickly with its 3000 Series hydraulic-drive snow thrower from REIST Industries.

Source: REIST Industries