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Pulse Canada Receives Government Funding

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau announced an investment of up to $1.6 million under the AgriAssurance Program to Pulse Canada while attending the 2019 Canadian Pulse and Special Crops Convention in Montreal.
“I know how hard our farmers work to grow the world’s best pulses," said Bibeau. "With the amazing nutritional and environmental benefits of pulse products, it’s not surprising that they are more and more attractive to consumers. This federal investment will help Pulse Canada promote Canadian pulses in global markets, which will help us reach our target of $75 billion in Canadian agri-food exports by 2025.”
The funding will provide support for two main activities including the establishment of harmonized pulse ingredient standards, and the development of data and tools to build awareness about the sustainability benefits of Canadian pulses and cropping systems that include pulses. Pulse Canada will generate tools and data that highlight the consistent quality and nutritional density of Canadian pulses, and the environmental benefits of the industry to facilitate sustained demand for their products both here and abroad.
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