Ag Buyer's Guide | November 2023 131 November 2023 | Ontario SMALL CALF CHUTE, $300. 519-9256057. SELF LOCKING HEAD GATE, on a wagon, $5000. 613-802-4442. KG JOHNSON FARROWING CRATES, 30, plastic feeders and other pig equipment. 613-378-2255. CATTLE SQUEEZE, $500. 226-2287588. NH 352 MIX MILL PARTS, belt #132747, med to lg screen, full set of hammers, spacers & rods, PTO complete assembly, all for $100. 519-5041086. ROTO GRINDER, model 760, tub grinder, exc cond, all accessories included, $18000. 905-975-5470. VALMETAL ROLLER MILL, dbl roll, 10hp motor. 519-357-0633. ROVIBEC 542 SUPER MIX TMR FEED CART Honda engine, Digi-star EZ 2000 scale, 48” wide, 104” long, rebuilt, $5000. 519-502-0509. SKIOLD HD GRAIN ROLLER MILL, 3R. 249-777-3217. ROUND STOCK TANK, galvanized, 20 gauge steel, 48 gallon capacity, new, supplied by Livestock Equipment Canada. $150. Del avail. 519-797-2281. NATURAL RUBBER MATS, 12”/96”W, 13’ 7” L, 1.5”/2.5” thick, ideal for cow mats, milking parlours, horse stalls, horse prep stations & work bench. Lucan & Exeter. 519-878-0083. HOULE STABLE CLEANER TRANS, like new, $4500. 705-563-8208. NEW EZ BUCKET MILKER, complete w/ vaccum pump, great for horses, cows, goats & sheep, option for a battery inverter, w/ 5 ah battery minimun, Makita, Dewalt or Milwaukee. Stuart 519-669-5567. UPRIGHT AUGER, for harvester 720 roller mill, in good cond, $250. 519289-5660 or 519-494-6442. SS WATER PIPES, 36” for hog water nipples, w/ ss wall brackets, $25. 705428-5303. MILK TANK, 2900L. Cooling system, 2-fans. Everything in the milk house for milking cows. 519-482-3097. CATTLE FEEDER, 4x12’, wood, roof, for sm sq bales, on oak skids, BO. 519-6834672. MULLER MILK COOLER, 2000gal, 5hp condensor & wash controls, $25000. 613-229-5560. MILK PARLOUR, hyd drive, crowd gate, fits 32’ wide area, $7500. 613-229-5560. 3 TOMBSTONE HORSE HAY FEEDERS, 8’ diameter, all in good shape, $500/ea. Cash only. 519-940-6976. FARMATIC ROLLER MILL, 5 compartment, 5hp electric, $1200. Also motors & augers. Mildmay Area. 519-240-1188. CALF HUTCHES, $325/ea. 519-6640410. HANSON SILO UNLOADER, center drive, for parts. 519-616-4550. CATTLE SHOW EQUIP, alum trim chute, clippers & show products. 519383-4343. THORP SS WET/DRY HOG FEEDERS, 5 avail, 45” long. 3 single sided, 48”. 519498-6151. EXACON AIR & WATER COOLED FAN, 24”, like new, $300. 519-319-4598. NURSERY EQUIP, feeders, waterers, flooring & penning. 519-595-4000. 4-CIRCULATING BARN FANS 24”, $50/ ea. 905-776-2697. DBL 8 WESTFALIA MILKING PARLOUR IQ MILKERS, crowd gate, 2000gal milk tank, complete setup. 613-229-5560. CACKELLAC SHELTERS, new for 2018, small shelters for your backyard for chickens or pets, room for 8-1 chickens. 519-501-2604. COMPLETE BOUMATIC MILKING SYSTEM, for goats/sheep, 200gal water jacket milk cooler, Delaval vacuum pump, Delaval pulsation control box, glass receiver jar, 4 milking clusters for cows. After 6pm. 705-324-3869. AGRI METAL STRAW CHOPPER, PTO, small bales, $900. 519-754-6319. FEEDER GRAZING WAGON, for sale. 519-504-1086. PIG FEEDERS, several, plastic, round, in exc cond. 519-291-4108. WOODS GRAIN GRINDER, 3hp, 550V 1hp motor w/ attached gear box. 519475-4388. 60 CABLEVEY SOW FEED DROPS, open to offers. Call 226-678-0649. OUTDOOR HEATED TANK, 200gal, for liquid fat or anything else, open to offers. Call 226-678-0649. MEULLER 800GAL COOLER UNIT, BouMatic vacuum pump, 5 BouMatic milkers, Guardian wash system, single pass plate cooler. 519-291-7258. LIVESTOCK EQUIP, 5 heating lamps, big red light, for in the barn, cow straps, 15 water bowls for drinkers in tye stalls. 519-482-3097. HESSTON BP25 BIG BALE CHOPPER, self loader. 519-698-2935. PATZ 400 FEED MIXER, Valmetal 542 feed cart, plus conveyours. 289-2283529. BALE MISER HAY FEEDER, 7’x13’. 226228-7588. PATZ GUTTER CLEANER, 400’ of chain, 20’ slide. 705-340-1581. PATZ BARN CLEANER DRIVE UNIT, RH. 519-293-3420. FEED TANK, 8 ton, hopper bottom, blower filler pipe, $3000. Manitoulin Island. 705-282-3718. TRANSMISSION & MOTOR, for stable cleaner. 519-482-3097. 3- MODEL 24 AXIS AIR BLENDERS, w/ controllers, very good cond, 1 Del-air heat exchanger. 519-595-4000. NH 352 GRINDER/MIX MILL gravity flow feed, second corner of hammers, 100hp driveline, 1 screen,17’ unload, 9.5L-15 tires, good appearance, $3950. 519-529-7765. GEHL 125 MIX ALL FEED MILL extremely good mill, nice appearance, fully hyd, intake auger, 10’ unload w/ bagger option, 3 hog & cattle screens, 11L-15 tires, very first corner of the hammers, exceptional machine, very low usage unit, must see to appreaciate, $18500. 519-529-7765. GEHL 100 GRINDER/MIXER very good cond, all four sides of the hammer square, intake auger, 10’ unload, fully hyd machine, 540 RPM PTO, 3 hog & cattle screens, $11500. Lucknow Area. 519-529-7765. 2007 ART’S WAY 5165 MIX very good cond, machine hardly used, massive 24” mill, 2 hog & cattle screens, 17’ unload, hyd up/down & swing unload, mechanically driven unload auger, just a fraction off first corner of the hammers, 540 driveline, hyd driven intake auger, 3 1/2 ton tank, 8 stud, 13.50-16 tires, wired for scale head, rare find! $35000. 519-529-7765. FEED GRINDERS /MIXERS 6540 FEEDERS/ WATERERS/BARN EQUIPMENT 6560 MANURE HANDLING/ SPREADERS 6580 NH 667 SPREADER, side discharge, $800. 705-793-9505. DRAG HOSE PUMPS, heavy duty, efficient performance. 519-502-2727.