Ag Buyer's Guide | November 2023 89 November 2023 | Ontario IN-STOCK USED EQUIPMENT Rain-Flo 345 Flat Bed Mulch Layer with Double Drip ATT | $3,325 Rain-Flo 2570 Raised Bed Mulch Layer with manual row trac, Single Drip ATT, only two years old & very light use | $6,800 Other Water Wheel Trans-planter with 200 gal water, new paint and plumbing | $1,850 Rain-Flo 2550 Raised Bed Mulch Layer with Auto Ro-Trac and Double Drip ATT, good clean unit | $6,100 JGB Water-Wheel Trans-planter w/2-#23 super wheels, comes with spikes, new seats, good condition | $3,200 AZS Rinse Conveyor Stainless Steel VFD W/ wash down option. Nearly New | $14,000 CROP CARE PICK ASSIST CREEKBANK TRAILERS CROP CARE SPRAYERS JANG PUSH SEEDERS TAR RIVER ROTO TILLERS NOLT’S COMPACT MULCH LAYER 41”-81” width Weeding, planting & harvesting with ease! Solar charged From 25-750 gallons. Also Specialty Sprayers. In-stock 1. 3 & 5 row. Also a good selection of Seed Rollers and Replacement Parts. Good for a tight budget! Ask about discounted units. CALL US FOR A FREE VEGETABLE AND FLOWER GROWING SUPPLY CATALOGUE