Ag Buyer's Guide |April 2024 59 April 2024 | Ontario LP I HE FARMERS GET FARM LOANS Even if you have BAD CREDIT & NO PROOF OF INCOME, I can still help you Call me 7 DAYS A WEEK for Toll free across Ontario Andre Ouimet - Mortgage Agent 1-888-982-7954 FARM OWNERS! Call NOW for FAST, EASY CASH! Many provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages with: I REPRESENT OVER 300 LENDERS • Horrible Credit • Bankruptcy • Unemployed • Property Tax Arrears • Power of Sale • Mortgage Arrears • • Self-Employed Pension & Disability Licence # 12079 CALL ANDRE NOW to put your mind at ease Send me a question online at or email me at andre.ouimet@ • Bad credit • Poor cash ow • Power of sale • Mortgage arrears • Tax arrears • No nancials With over 300 lenders at my disposal I can get you a mortgage even with... CALL ME EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE HAS SAID NO! My name’s Andre Ouimet. My grandpa was an apple farmer. One season he had a bad harvest. The bank he was loyal to for years turned its back on him. He lost the farm and moved our family to the city. To this day, my dad still chokes up as he tells the story of how the bank seized our ancestral home. I know how hard farmers work. I know how hard my grandpa worked. It was NOT his fault. He needed a temporary helping hand and no one was there to help him. Because of my family history, I wanted to do something to help farmers, so I became a licensed Mortgage Agent with EXPERT MORTGAGE. Now I can help farmers ACROSS ONTARIO. I can access other lenders as well as bank lenders. I specialize in agricultural lending. I have over 300 private lenders as well as bank lenders to talk to for your mortgage needs. even Most banks underwrite loans using standard commercial lending guidelines that don’t make any sense for farms. Coming from a farm family, I understand the farming community. Talk to me if you’d like to... • Buy more land or new equipment • Repair or construct new buildings • Re nance your existing debts I can o er quali ed farmers... • Up to 75% of full farm value • Up to 30 year amortization • Operating lines of credit