Ag Buyer's Guide |April 2024

94 Ontario | April 2024 MFG. V11/V12 Forced Air Wood Furnace Call to order yours today! Norm: 519-502-2636 | • 2 sizes • Made in Canada for Canadian winters • Cer fied with Intertek and CSA approved • Stand-alone or add-on • High efficiency • Firebox lined with firebrick to create intense heat for a fuel efficient burn • Designed for le or right side cold air intake • Power dra and power damper drama cally reduces wood consump on by controlling amount of oxygen into the firebox Introducing the Victoria Forced Air Wood Furnace The height of efficiency, quality, and cra smanship. Handcra ed with care, this furnace maximizes heat output while minimizing fuel consump on, providing cost-effec ve warmth for your indoor space. With its sleek design and various op ons, it will blend seamlessly into any lifestyle. Trust in its durability and long-las ng performance. Warm up your life with the Victoria Forced Air Wood Furnace - the ul mate choice for efficiency and comfort. Canadian Made