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Schuitemaker is a Norwegian company known for manufacturing winter and farm machinery. Their farm machinery product line includes equipment for forage harvesting, feeding, and manure applications. Schuitemaker got its start around 1918 at the end of World War I, when Johan Schuitemaker left the army and became a blacksmith. His brother, a carpenter, eventually joined him and they began making wagons from steel and timber, and also hexagonal rooftops to cover haystacks. In the 1950s as farm mechanization popularized, Schuitemaker boomed. After many American 4-wheel manure spreaders came in for repair and were deemed complicated, Schuitemaker decided to create his own – simpler and with more features. The manure spreaders currently offered by Schuitemaker include stall manure spreaders, slurry injectors and pump tankwagons. The stall manure spreaders come in six configurations. The SMS 50 stall manure spreader can hold around 5,000kg of manure while the Calypso 180 model can hold around 18,000kg.

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