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A disk harrow is used to cultivate the soil to prepare the land for crops. Disc harrows are used after a field has been plowed to eliminate clumps and loosen the soil. They can also be used to cut up old crops like corn stalks, making it easier for plowing. Disc harrows can be easily adjusted by moving bolts forwards or backwards, which allow the angles to change. The more you angle them, the more cuts that you get in the soil. Disc harrows can be used instead of a tiller and it's often recommended to go over the field twice with a dis harrow. Disc harrows can be purchased new or used.

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2007 Wishek 862NT Discs

Size: 30 ft, Mounted harrows, 2 bar, Cushion gangs ,
Type = Disk ; Cd = TDSC

$74,000 CAD   $59,755 USD

Nykolaishen Farm Equipment Ltd.
Kamsack, SK

2011 John Deere 637 Discs

Kind: 3-Section Folding, Spacing: 9", 40 FEET, "C" Cushions, Mounted 3 bar harrows ,
Type = Disk...

$69,000 CAD   $55,717 USD

Nykolaishen Farm Equipment Ltd.
Kamsack, SK

Case IH 870 Disc Ripper

24" spacing, 7 shank, rear rolling harrow

$52,500 CAD   $42,393 USD

Halnor Equipment Ltd.
Waterford, ON

2009 Sunflower 6333-34 Discs

Hydraulic disc gangs, 34 ft wide working area, nearly new sweeps 10", discs at 19" new is 19.69", 6 row...

$45,300 CAD   $36,579 USD

Connect Equipment - Rockwood
Rockwood, ON

2004 John Deere 637 Discs

Tine harrows, hydraulic wing control ,hydraulic fore aft level , hitch

$34,000 CAD   $27,455 USD

Podolinsky Farm Equipment
Petrolia, ON

2013 Wil Rich 657 DCR Disc Chisel

Like new, 9 shank w/staggering brackets,3 bar harrow, low acres, tandem axle, concave disc blades, lights.

$27,000 CAD   $21,802 USD

Chas. Richards and Sons Ltd.
Stouffville, ON
(905) 640-3830

Case IH 496 Discs

Rock flex with new blades, CaseIH 24' True Tandem disc harrow, depth wheels on wings, all scrapers ,...

$22,900 CAD   $18,491 USD

Stoltz Sales & Service
Listowel, ON

Deutz Allis 2500 Disc

Cushion gang,9 in spacing,21 1/2 in blades, 23ft, coil tine rear harrows

$18,900 CAD   $15,261 USD

Norfolk Tractor
Simcoe, ON

2002 Sunflower 1331-20 Discs

10, 21 ft, 10.75 disc spacing, 000 acres, front/read disc, 23.5", 11lx15 tire size, gauge wheels, no...

$18,900 CAD   $15,261 USD

Connect Equipment - Chepstow
Chepstow, ON

2010 John Deere 240VT Vertical Tillage

24 Foot JD disc c/w 20" Vertical Tillage wavey blades and buster bar and rolling steel bar harrows

$16,995 CAD   $13,723 USD

W.J. Heaslip Ltd.
Rr#2, Hagersville, ON

2000 Case IH 4200 Field Cultivators

Currently selected MachineFinder Pro features: Size: 29 ft ; Kind: 3-Section Folding ; Standards: C-Shank...

$15,995 CAD   $12,915 USD

W.J. Heaslip Ltd.
Rr#2, Hagersville, ON

1996 John Deere 630 Discs

22ft 2in., 9 inch spacing, coil tine harrows, rear hitch, hydraulic fore aft, Ask for Kevin.

$13,500 CAD   $10,901 USD

McGrails Farm Equipment
Comber, ON
(519) 687-6662

Sukup 15' Drill

Please call for more details.15', 24 row, double disc leading edge, 7.5" row spacing, coulter caddy with...

$13,500 CAD   $10,901 USD

Dey's Equipment Center Inc.
Tillsonburg, ON
(519) 688-0605

International 496 Disc Harrow

Plain Blades 18.5, Tandem Disc,7.5"Spacing, Single Finger Harrow, Dual Wheels on Main & Wings, Scrapers...

$8,900 CAD   $7,186 USD

D&W Group Inc.
Jarvis, ON

1985 Massey Ferguson 820 Discs

22ft, 1500 acres, gauge wheels, 9.5" spacing, tooth harrow, spike, rock flex, 20" front/rear discs ,...

$7,500 CAD   $6,056 USD

Connect Equipment - Rockwood
Rockwood, ON

Brillion Soil Cammander Disc Ripper

Solid Brillion Disk Ripper, HYD adjustable rear brackets for leveling harrow, paint faded, hyd adjustable...

$7,500 CAD   $6,056 USD

Bach-Run Farm Equipment
Listowel, ON

1986 Allis Chalmers 2600 Discs

1000 acres, 28ft, walking tandems, gauge wheels, front/rear discs, 23", scrapers in good shape, no harrow...

$6,500 CAD   $5,248 USD

Connect Equipment - Kitchener
Kitchener , ON

Sunflower 1434-29 Mulch Finishers

3 bar spike harrow to fit 1434-29 disc ,
Type = Harrow ; Cd = HA

$2,900 CAD   $2,341 USD

Connect Equipment - Chepstow
Chepstow, ON

John Deere 115 Discs

36 plate 18" discs at 8.5" space with fillers on back, 13' DISC WITH 3 BAR COIL TINE HARROWS, single...

$2,900 CAD   $2,341 USD

Connect Equipment - Rockwood
Rockwood, ON

4' offset disc

3pth, 4ft, offset -

$1,200 CAD   $969 USD

StoneAge Equipment
Mitchell, ON

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