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Video: Smith Family Farms Harvest 2...
by Tips Corn
Corn and Soybean harvest in North Central, IN...more
The FarmOn Manifesto - How One Fami...
by FarmOn Foundation
Melissa's story is one that most young farmers in Canada would recognize and relate to. She grew up on the farm and married a f....more
Video: New Bayer CropScience InVigo...
by Library Canola
Bayer Crop Science InVigor L140P With New Pod Shatter technology reduces the shattering...more
Survey: Greater Trust in Farming on...
by Rural Lifestyle
Iowa Food and Family Project survey polled health-conscious Iowans..more
Dave Limpert's Family Farming Story...
by FarmOn Foundation
Their Dad's Memory Helped Save The Family Farm...more
Video: Barley Harvest 2014
by Library Wheat
Harvesting Malt Barley in Alberta. Shot with GoPro Hero 3+ Silver...more
Chris Hurt: Hog and Pork Prices Ret...
by Chris Hurt
When historians look back on hog prices in 2014, they are going to ask, "What was going on?" Hog and pork prices were launched....more
Video: Former NFL Player Turned Far...
by Rural Lifestyle
Jason Brown walked away from football for farming - even though he'd never farmed a day in his life...more
IPTV Market To Market: Agri Analyst...
by Marketing Commodity
Look at Ag Markets, Immigration Reforms And Keystone XL..more
Ron Plain Cattle Outlook: New Fed C...
by Ron Plain
The number of cattle on feed at the start of November is above the year-ago level for the first time since August 2012...more

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Video: Comedy Host Helps on a Wheat Ha...
by LibraryWheat
Rick Mercer spent 10 hours during harvest season on Alberta farm..more
Video: CY Harvesting, Silage 2014 - 92...
by LibraryDairy
Chopping Silage at East Dublin Dairy in Minnesota..more
Video: Wheat Harvest in Idaho
by LibraryWheat
Absolutely breathtaking photography at Riggers Clearwater Farms..more
Video: Former NFL Player Turned Farmer...
by Rural Lifestyle
Jason Brown walked away from football for farming - even though he'd never farmed a day in his life...more
8 Trends Shaping the Future of Agricul...
by FarmingBusiness
The Census of Ag Facts Everyone Should Know..more
Tribute To Farmers: God Made A Farmer...
by Rural Lifestyle
A friend sent us this video and we wanted to share it with others...more
Video: Baxter Black - The Farmer & The...
by CowboyStories
It's another entertaining story from our good friend, Baxter Black!..more
Video: Future of Farming - Eleven Year...
by Rural Lifestyle
Story of a young boy who farms his own crop...more
Video: Farm Photo Contest Pictures - I...
by Rural Lifestyle
This montage of pictures is from a recent Facebook photo contest by It's A Farm Thing...more
Photos: Mother Nature Makes Harvest a...
by TipsCorn
Snow this past few days has made harvest 2014 challenging or come to a stand still..more
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