Potato Digger

A potato digger is an agricultural tool that is used to dig or in proper terms harvest potatoes from the field. Although they were initially invented almost over 200 years ago, they remain a vital part of a potato farm. Firstly a potato digger digs up the tuber from the ground. It then sends the tuber through what is called a vibration belt. This vibration belt is full of holes that aim towards the field. When tubers are run through the vibration belt, dirt and other impurities fall through the holes on the belt and onto the field. The remaining part of the tuber is then collected in a cleaner and semi processed state. These machines are sold at various dealerships and are made by big names such as John Deere and Lockwood.

Although for the same purposes, in common reference a potato digger is usually thought of as smaller and towed by a tractor, while a potato harvester usually refers to a larger self-propelling machine.

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4-Part#C2123 belts, 4-Part#467 Idler, $200.

$155  USD

Brantford, ON

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