January 25-26, 2023
RBC Place London  |  London Ontario


The 2023 Eastern Precision Agriculture Conference will feature a variety of featured, keynote, and breakout session speakers. Experts in precision agriculture sharing knowledge on a wide variety of new products and techniques.

Watch this space as we get closer to the Conference we will feature all of our speakers.

More speakers will be posted soon. Watch for updates.

Austin Gellings
Austin Gellings
Director of Agriculture Services,
Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)
Austin is a Wisconsin native that grew up on his family farm where he still helps raise hay and livestock today. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens point with a major in marketing. He then attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he received an MBA. In his roll with AEM Austin serves as the liaison for AEM’s dairy, manure management, specialty crops, sprayer, and water management equipment groups. He also works with agricultural members to help address and solve various industry issues.
Biologicals – Where’s the fit on my farm?
Brady Code
Brady Code
Technical Support Sales,
Brady has enjoyed a long career with Syngenta, first as a field biologist for 20 years followed by another 16 years as technical support for sales team, where he continues to advance our understanding of biologicals in the commercial agriculture space.
The bits and bytes that make our crops go round
Bruno Gattamorta
Bruno Gattamorta
Chief Commercial Officer,
Cojali USA
Bruno Gattamorta is the Chief Commercial Officer at Cojali USA, overseeing all things related to Product development, Sales and Marketing for the top All Makes Diagnostics Tool in the market. Understanding the technological evolution and adjusting the Cojali product offering to the markets needs and demands is in his daily focus. Furthermore, communicating to customers and generating awareness of the available solutions on how to improve their service or maintenance operations is Cojalis Mantra.

Founded in 1991, Cojali started off as a fan clutch retrofitter quickly realizing that Electronics was the future of the automotive industry. This took them to develop a diagnostics solution for brake systems, and later evolving to the engine, and all the systems on the vehicle. With time, they expanded to the agricultural, construction, and marine industry. Today, Cojali is part of the German Conglomerate Knorr-Bremse and a leader in technology associated to software diagnostics and connectivity, with growing relationships with key OEM partners worldwide. Acting as a link between OEM’s and the Aftermarket, Cojali is strategically positioned to deliver value to the industry as a whole, anticipating what’s coming and building the technologies to solve those problems.
Making precision agriculture work the way it is supposed to
Chuck Baresich
Chuck Baresich
Haggerty Creek,
Founder & President
Chuck has a B. Comm Ag Business Degree from the University of Guelph. He and his brother Justin have farmed in the Bothwell area for the past 20 years, in a long-term no-till/zone system. Precision Agricultural and technology has always been important to their farming operation, from the basics of equipment to steering and planter controls. Chuck has been the General Manager of Haggerty Creek Ltd., since 2008, he was previously with Farm Credit Canada for 13 years, his last posting as the Development Manager for the Essex, Kent and Lambton County.
Caleb Niemeyer
Caleb Niemeyer
Woodrill Farms Ltd.
After completing his undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science in 2017, Caleb completed his MSc at the University of Guelph where he researched predicting optimal N rates in corn with rainfall. In 2020, Caleb joined Woodrill as a precision ag specialist and agronomist where he works with farmers on crop input sales and Woodrill’s new digital soil mapping service to farmers, newly branded as GroundWork. This service allows growers to manage their farms by soil type, a consistent and meaningful zoning method across multiple farms. Caleb is also working on a PhD with the University of Guelph looking at predicting optimal rates of crop inputs with digital soil maps and other data sources such as topography and remote sensing.
Unlock your Soil Potential with SWAT MAPS: A review of SWAT MAPS in practice in Eastern Canada, and a look at the future
Evan MacDonald
Evan MacDonald
Senior Precision Agronomist / PhD Student (UPEI)
Evan MacDonald lives in North Milton, PEI with his wife and two girls. He works as a Senior Precision Agronomist with SWAT MAPS, helping farmers and agronomists adopt precision ag strategies to try and optimize inputs in the field and make farmers more profitable. He is also pursuing a PhD at UPEI focusing on assessing the effectiveness of variable rate seed spacing in potatoes.
Drone + Micronutrient = best crop yield
Jenny Chen
Jenny Chen
Wonderfull Inc.
Jenny Chen is the owner of Wonderfull Inc. Jenny is passionate about drones in agriculture. She is also dedicated to bringing innovation, hands-on learning and problem solving to agriculture drone technology.
Plant Digitalization: Deep Learning and Inspection
Mark DeSantis
Mark DeSantis
Bloomfield Robotics
Mark is the CEO of Bloomfield, a venture-backed AI company in agriculture. He was previously cofounder and CEO of RoadBotics, a venture-backed AI company assessing roadway infrastructure. He was also previously cofounder and Chairman of kWantix, a quant energy hedge fund, and cofounder and CEO of kWantera, a venture-backed energy trading company. Previously, he was CEO of Think Through Learning, a venture-backed online tutoring company and US Managing Director of ANGLE Technology, PLC, a UK-based venture capital firm and consultancy.
Innovative Fertile Stripping
Morley Wallace
Morley Wallace
President & CEO,
GPS Ontario
Morley Wallace is the President & CEO of GPS Ontario, which is based in North Gowerm Ontario. The company that has been a pioneer in the precision agriculture industry since the year 2000.
Streamlining on-farm operations
Owen Kinch
Owen Kinch
Mojow Autonomous Solutions INC.
Formerly, Director of Product Innovation and Development at DOT Technology Corp for 5 years until acquired by Raven Industries, and now Case IH. Owen Kinch is an active grain farmer. He is the owner/operator of a 3000-acre grain farm in Saskatchewan for the last 15 years where he continues to test, validate, and improve autonomous solutions.

Mojow's mission is to streamline on-farm operations, through innovative digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Mojow is developing an autonomous tractor navigation kit for enabling autonomous farm implement operation called EYEBOX™.
Bringing next-level automation to farm equipment with AI 
Pauline Canteneur
Pauline Canteneur
Chief of Staff,

Pauline Canteneur was born to multi-generation farmers in the North-Eastern part of France. She earned a master’s degree in business management from EDHEC Business School in France before accepting a position at the French Embassy in Berlin for the Department of Food and Agriculture and later on working as a strategy analyst for BNP Paribas’ Innovation Department in Paris, then San Francisco. 

Pauline joined farm robotics company FarmWise 4 years ago. She’s been overseeing business development, marketing, and partnerships. As FarmWise’s Chief of Staff, she’s helping the team be as efficient as possible.

From Precision Agriculture to AI: What’s Next?
Prof. Raj Khosla
Prof. Raj Khosla
Department Head | Professor,
Kansas State University
Prof. Raj Khosla of Kansas State University is a globally recognized authority on Precision Agriculture. He has been engaged in precision agriculture since inception and has made significant contributions in the development and spread of Precision Agriculture worldwide. He is the Founder and Past-President of the International Society of Precision Agriculture. Most recently, he served as the member of National Academy of Science Committee that led the consensus study on Science Breakthrough 2030.

Prof. Khosla’s research specializes in harnessing spatial and temporal heterogeneity in managed agro-ecosystems and translating those into better management decision for producers. His group has extensively used remote sensing and other geo-spatial tools to enhance production, resource use efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of managed agro-ecosystems. Their on-going precision nitrogen management work has demonstrated significant reductions in nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions on farm fields.