We had a fantastic line-up of expert speakers. Featured presenters and breakout presentaters included Eric Lalibertė, Jeff Chandler, Wes Andreson, Sue Rath, Ben Voss, Kevin Doolin, Scott Jackman, Pat Comte, Dutch van Meijl, Kathy Neufeld, Krista Kilback, Colin Rush, Adam Greenberg, Wade Barns, Dmitry Dementiev, Jay Nauta, Krista Klompstra, David Guthrie, Mat Vercaigne, Jeff Ivan, Anastasia Volkova, Ben Utter, Henin Usvalad, Thierry Perrotin, Zach Harmer, Chuck Baresich, Greg Crutsinger, and Andrew Rose.

Be sure to visit the Virtual Precision Ag 2021 Schedule page to find links to articles and videos about the presentations.