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Barn fire at Scullion Farm claims dozens of cows

Barn fire at Scullion Farm claims dozens of cows

The fire broke out early Wednesday morning

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

A devastating barn fire at an Ontario family farm early Wednesday morning resulted in the loss of a number of cows.

Fire crews, including more than 30 firefighters and 15 fire trucks, responded to the blaze at Scullion Farm, located on Gréber Boulevard in Gatineau, Ont., just after midnight.

Approximately 200 cows were inside the barn at the time of the blaze. A total of 33 cows and 15 calves were lost in the fire.

The remaining three barns located on the property were not damaged.

The farm owners were able to rescue 139 cows housed inside and move them to safety.

One of the owners, Derek Scullion, told CTV Ottawa he believes the fire may have been caused by an electrical issue. No official cause has been released.

Scullion was made aware of the fire after someone saw the fire and notified him, reports CTV.

The estimated damage is unknown.