Booming bushels brings more soybeans to Saskatchewan (Nov 13, 2017)

Production jumps 525,000 acres over last year

By Kate Ayers

Staff Reporter

Soybeans are growing in popularity across Saskatchewan as production triples last year’s figures.

This year, in areas that received adequate moisture, soybeans were a bumper crop, Sherri Roberts, a regional crop specialist with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture, said to Bolt FM on Saturday.

“I believe, every year, farmers are realizing the potential that soybeans have for their bottom line,” she said to Bolt.

“This year we had roughly 800,000 acres, quite a significant jump from the 275,000 acres we had the year before.”

Soybeans offer producers a good profit. Also, companies are developing varieties that can tolerate Saskatchewan’s shorter growing season.

“Every producer I talk to, when I ask them why (they) are growing soybeans? Their answer was ‘because I can make money with them,’” Roberts said.

The third annual Soybean Summit is being held Wednesday, Nov. 15 at the Wascana Country Club in Regina. For more information and to register, call the Lloydminister Ag Society at 306-825-5571. 

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Posted by JIM BAOK on 11/14/2017 12:32:56 PM
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