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Nominations sought for 2017 AFAC Awards of Distinction

Nominations sought for 2017 AFAC Awards of Distinction

Deadline to submit nominations is March 1

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

The nomination period is open for Alberta Farm Animal Care’s (AFAC) Awards of Distinction.

Until March 1, 2017, people are encouraged to nominate individuals or organizations “who have made exceptional contributions in the field of animal welfare… (and) understand the public’s need for assurance that farm animals are raised humanely.”

Three different awards are given out:

The Award of Distinction for Communication – awarded to those taking an active role in spreading messages about livestock issues and informing the public and the industry about farm animal care in a manner that builds trust and credibility.

The Award of Distinction for Industry Leadership – awarded to those integrating animal welfare into their business strategies and setting higher expectations for animal welfare.

The Award of Distinction for Innovation – awarded to people developing new processes and products making significant impacts to improve the welfare of livestock and the industry.

Past winners say being recognized tells them their work is going in the right direction.

"It meant a lot (to win). In my role in research and extension, I get the opportunity to work with incredibly bright and creative individuals," Jenna Griffin, industry development officer with Egg Farmers of Alberta and last year's winner of the Award of Distinction for Innovation, told in an email. "My job is to liaise between our farmers and investigators to help ensure that solutions are practical, encourage uptake, and build momentum and resources.

I’m thankful that AFAC and my colleagues saw so much value in that piece of the innovation continuum and that they chose to call it out.  Technology transfer is challenging and it is nice to know you are making a difference and your impact is felt on the farm."

Nominations should include a short summary explaining why the individual or organization should receive the specified award.

Once all of the nominations have been collected, the AFAC board will select the winners who will be honoured at the Livestock Care Conference on March 22 in Leduc, Alberta.

Nominations should be emailed to Kristen Mortensen at, by March 1, 2017.