Pig trial: defence lawyer compares Kranjc to Gandhi (Mar 14, 2017)

Pig trial: defence lawyer compares Kranjc to Gandhi

Closing remarks for the trial were Thursday

By Jennifer Jackson

Anita Kranjc, pig activist on trial for giving water to slaughter bound pigs, was back in court Mar. 9 for closing arguments. Police charged Kranjc with mischief when she provided water for pigs in a trailer outside of Fearman’s Pork Inc. in June 2015.

Gary Grill, Kranjc’s lawyer, said in court that Kranjc was “acting in the public good,” according to a CBC article.

Anita Kranjc gives water to pigs headed to Fearman's Pork in Burlington.
Photo: Elli Garlin

Grill compared Kranjc’s actions to those of Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. Grill also compared her acts to those offering water to Jews during the Holocaust, according to the CBC.

"A pig is the same as a human and the offence we commit in relation to a pig in causing that suffering is the same gravity as the offence we create to a human who suffers the same way,” Grill said. "It is clear that the public has an interest in fostering the good actions of others.”

The agricultural industry however, says the case should reflect on the fact that Kranjc was tampering with property that was not hers. Kranjc’s actions also could have jeopardized the product’s food safety, the industry says.

"Why does the farmer have to take the chance or the risk that it may not be water,” said Harutyun Apel, prosecuting lawyer for Eric Van Boekel, the farmer who owned the pigs.

Van Boekel has voiced his concerns that the unknown substance Kranjc offered to the pigs could have led to Fearman’s turning away the pigs. He also said the transport truck driver’s safety is jeopardized by the activists in front of the plant.

Kranjc will receive her final sentence May 4, 2017. She is “perfectly fine” with the possibility of jail time, according to CBC. will continue to cover the case as new details arise. 

This is why lawyers can no longer be self governed. Lawyers in general are self serving, unethical, highly incompetent, poorly educated, poorly trained and overall a negative to society. Law Societies are doing a horrible job protecting the public and are no more than advocates for this shameful profession which is largely made up of amoral, unprincipled, deceitful, unconscionable, unfair, fraudulent, corrupt and underhanded individuals. Redundancy for emphasis.
Posted by Jarrett on 5/4/2017 8:29:42 PM
Who is the idiot with the Crown that decided to proceed with this prosecution?! How many tax dollars were wasted by the Crown on this wrongful action? I hope someone gets fired, yea right, typical incompetent, stupid lawyers and wasteful politicians throwing away tax payer dollars. Crown Attorney Harutyun Apel and/or his boss need to be terminated. Idiotic crap like this goes on everyday and the Law Societies wonder why lawyers are despised and considered the most unethical profession of all! Get a grip lawyers, clean up your profession, you are disgusting!
Posted by Jarrett on 5/4/2017 8:04:24 PM
A human is the same as a pig in that both get thirsty on a hot day and would appreciate being given water In the video she is asked " how do i know that is water" It is water! I can give it to you and you can sample it Since she is the CEO of a legitimate organization that advocates for the welfare of pigs , her intentions were not to harm the pig food for thought...
Posted by Nick on 4/3/2017 3:03:24 AM
"A pig is the same as a human' That says all you need to know about these extremists. She should go to jail for tampering with property that doesn't belong to her.
Posted by Nathan on 3/30/2017 8:18:45 AM
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