Survivor Tractor helping raise money for cancer research at COFS (Sep 13, 2017)

Survivor Tractor helping raise money for cancer research at COFS

The restored Ford 9N can be found at the New Holland booth

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

In the midst of all the green, blue, red, and orange tractors on display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS), a tractor of a different colour is helping raise money for cancer research.

“New Holland has partnered up with the American Cancer Society in the U.S. and the Canadian Cancer Society here at home as a way to draw attention to survivors of cancer battles of various types,” said Stefanie Nagelschmitz, a Delta Power Equipment marketing representative.

A purple, 1930s Ford 9N, dubbed The Survivor Tractor, will be on display at the New Holland Dealers of Ontario booth (6th Lane and Middle Machinery) during the COFS.

The tractor originated in Maryland and since 2014 has been auctioned off numerous times. Each time, 100 per cent of the proceeds were donated to charities.

During the farm show, farmers and exhibitors will have a number of opportunities to participate in auctions and make cash donations. And all of the proceeds will be donated to cancer research efforts.

“We have t-shirts for any donation over $20, we have toy replicas of the tractor available for purchase and we have a pedal tractor auction every day here at the show at 2:00 in the afternoon,” she said. “And all the funds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.”

And it’s especially important to continue funding cancer research in the hopes of one day finding a cure, says Nagelschmitz.

“Cancer affects many people in many different ways, so it’s pretty special to bring something like this that’s for a good cause and has a tie to agriculture.”

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