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The Best Timing to Managing Sclerotinia

Glen Forster, Technical Marketing Specialist at BASF tells us about the best timing and application to manage sclerotinia in you Canola this year.


How to Manage Blackleg in Canola

The yield and plant health benefits of using of fungicide like Prixor to manage blackleg in canola.


Managing disease and pests in you canola fields

Keith Gabert, Agronomy Specialist at the Canola Council tells us how to best manage disease and pests in your Canola fields this year


Post Harvest Management Tips - Fall Weed Control.

Glen Forster from BASF shares some ideas on post harvest management tips.


Summer Canola Management Tips: Assessing Disease Pressure

Glen Forster, Technical Marketing Specialist with BASF Canada provides some tips that growers can use to assess the canola crop disease pressure during the summer months. This information will be helpful to determine a disease management plan for the crop next year. For more information visit the BASF


Scouting for disease in Canola

Allison Friesen, Technical Service Specialist at BASF Canada tells us what we should be looking for in this years Canola crop so we can best manage disease and pests.


The importance of tank clean out

Tom Wolf, Spray Technology Specialist at Agrimetrix Research gives us some tips on to properly flush tanks and eliminate residue that can significantly damage canola.


New sprayer nozzle control technology for wider travel speeds

Tom Wolf, Spray Technology Specialist at Agrimetrix Research and Training tells about some new sprayer nozzle control systems that allow producers a wider travel speed range without comprising performance.


The benefits of the Clearfield Canola production system

Andrew Reid, Technical Service Specialist at BASF Canada tells us about the benefits of the Clearfield Canola production system, a non GMO Canola seeds offering higher returns on investment. Combined with Ares herbicide for control of lamb’s quarters, wild buckwheat, cleavers and volunteer canola the Clearfield Canola system is certain to perform.


Canola Agronomy: Tips To Get The Best Crop Establishment And Start

Keith Gabert of the Canola Council shares some tips on how farmers can get the best crop establishment and have the crop get a strong start to protect high yield potential.


Canola Seed Companies discuss the Clearfield Advantage from BASF

Darrin Hicks from Dow Agro Sciences, Jamie Mills from CPS and Shaan Tsai from Canterra Seeds, all discuss the competitive benefits of their new high performing
Clearfield varieties available for the 2016 planting season.


Canola Report: The Benefits of Straight Cutting Canola

Canola Report: BASF recently registered a new pre harvest Heat L.Q. application that will improve the harvestability of the canola crop and allow for efficient straight cut harvesting.


Canola Report News

What’s The Nutrient Value Of Wheat Straw?

By Paul Gross, Michigan State University Extension

As wheat harvest continues, the question always comes up regarding the value of wheat straw sold out of the field. more

Managing Fields After Wheat Harvest

By Marilyn Thelen, Michigan State University Extension

With wheat harvest in Michigan coming to a close, nearly 500,000 acres of ground opened up. more

USDA Export Sales Report


Net sales of 661,400 MT for delivery in the 2013/2014 marketing year were primarily for China (177,900 MT), Nigeria (122,300 MT, including more

Crop Progress And Condition

By SDSU iGrow

USDA’s NASS South Dakota Field Office reported corn condition is rated at 75% good to excellent in South Dakota and 5% in the poor to very more

Crop Progress And Condition

By SDSU iGrow

USDA’s NASS South Dakota Field Office reported corn condition is rated at 75% good to excellent in South Dakota and 5% in the poor to very more

Weekly Crop Comments

By Dr. Aaron Smith,

Corn and wheat were down; cotton and soybeans were up for the week. more

Low Test Weight Wheat Seen

By SDSU iGrow

Early harvest reports of low test weights are coming in from producers in south central and south western South more

USDA Export Sales Report


Net sales of 996,600 MT for delivery in the 2013/2014 marketing year were primarily for China more

Falling Number As A Measure Of Pre-Harvest Sprouting: What Does It mean?

By Pierce Paul

As was explained in last week’s newsletter article, delayed harvest in association with repeated wetting of the more

Wheat Quality And The "Falling Number" Test

By Dwane Miller,

The falling Number (FN) Test For Wheat Gives an Indication of the Amount of Sprout Damage more

Despite Spring Cold And Rain, Ark Winter Wheat Springs To 2nd Highest Yield

By Mary Hightower

Despite a wet spring, Arkansas’ estimated 2013 winter wheat yield is 59 bushels per acre, more

Higher Cereal Grain and Oilseed Acres Reported at the Expense of Special Crops

By Bruce Cochrane

A weather and crop specialist with CWB reports, despite this year's late start to spring seeding, more

U.S Wheat Price Report


All three wheat futures markets closed higher this week due to strong export sales and a bullish USDA report. more

Wheat Harvest: Minimizing The Risk of Fusarium Head Scab Losses

By Martin Nagelkirk,

In preparation for wheat harvest, growers are reminded to be prepared to take steps to help insure they achieve the best quality grain possible from their more

USDA Crop Production


USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service is suspending a number of statistical surveys and reports for more

Late-season Rainfall, Late Harvest And Wheat Grain Quality

By Laura Lindsey, osu

The month of June was fairly cool which resulted in an extended grain fill period. more

Hessian Fly Observed In Spring Wheat

By ndsu

All wheat planted area for 2013 is estimated at 56.5 million acres, up 1 percent from 2012. The 2013 winter wheat planted area more

Wheat Diseases Update: Cereal Rusts And Bacterial Leaf Streak Appearing In Wheat Fields

By Emmanuel Byamukama

Scouting for winter wheat diseases was done in Davison, Douglas, Brule, Charles Mix, Lyman, Aurora, Hughes, Hand, Kingsbury and Brookings more

Winter wheat harvest looks promising

By Purdue University

Weather conditions during the spring and early summer promoted long grain fill for wheat and are returning high yields for more

“Black” Wheat Heads

By Purdue University

Wheat harvest is underway or rapidly approaching in most areas of the state. Foliage diseases such as Septoria leaf blotch more

USDA Grain Stocks & Acreage Report Released

By Media

The USDA released its much anticipated Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates report today at 11:00 am more

Freeze Damage Symptoms In Irrigated Wheat

By Jim Shroyer

Freeze damage is showing up in at least two different ways in irrigated wheat as the crop nears more

Resistance Gene Found Against Ug99 Wheat Stem Rust Pathogen

By Eduard Akhunov

It identifies the stem rust resistance gene named Sr35, and appears alongside a study from an Australian group that identifies more

English Grain Aphid On Wheat In South Dakota

By Ada Szczepaniec, SDSU

The English grain aphid, Sitobion avenae, has been found in South Dakota in high numbers on more




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