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Nancy Lidster: “Low Stress Pig Handling” in a Nutshell

Jan 08, 2013

Source: DNL farms ltd

In February 2012 I sent a letter to several pork industry agencies expressing concerns about the pig handling content of their training programs.

The people involved with the Trucker Quality Assurance  program got back to say that TQA was due for review in 2012 and that I would be contacted once that process got under way.  True to their word, I was invited to phone link to their meeting in mid December. Prior to the meeting I prepared a video as background for our discussion.

I know there are handlers out there who could benefit from the video so I’ve tuned it up a bit and put it on YouTube. The video is 9 minutes long. Depending on your internet speed it may run by fits and starts the first time but it should play smoothly straight through  after that.

The link is:×8NxfN5QU 

Thank you to the people involved with the TQA review process for allowing me to make a  presentation to their meeting. I appreciated being given a hearing.

Happy New Year. We hope that 2013 shows you many blessings: that you find strength and courage to face any hardships: that you be surrounded by caring folks with whom to share Life’s joys, accomplishments and sorrows.

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