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Poll Recap: Wash and Wear (Oct 22, 2013)

In last week’s online poll, TheHorse.com asked readers how they maintained and cleaned their horse blankets. More than 1,000 readers responded, and we’ve tallied the results.

Of the 1,063 voters, 385 (36%) said that they washed their horse blankets at home, while 211 (20%) said that they use a professional, off-site blanket laundry service. Meanwhile, 201 voters (19%) indicated that they take their horse blankets to a laundromat, while another 199 readers (19%) responded that their horses do not wear blankets. Still, 67 voters (6%) said that their barn has an on-site washer and dryer for horse blankets and other equine laundry.

Additionally, 100 respondents provided comments on how they clean and maintain their horse blankets.

Source: TheHorse

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