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USFRA: The Food Dialogues Video Debate by Farming Business (Nov 15, 2012)

The Food Dialogues: New York

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) hosted the New York Food Dialogues on Nov. 15. Farmers, ranchers, industry experts, pundits and media attended the in-depth conversations on today's most provocative topics concerning food and its production – antibiotics, biotechnology, and media, marketing and healthy food choices.

Biotechnology (GMOs) And Your Food.

What impact do GMOs have on the environment and long-term health? What more is needed to educate consumers about how their food is grown and raised? What role does science play when addressing issues tied to food, including health concerns, drought and feeding a growing population? Join a discussion where farmers, ranchers and leading experts on biotechnology (GMOs) give straight answers to today’s most pressing food concerns.




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