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Video: Drought Recovery: Planting Soybeans In 2013

Jan 09, 2013

With the extreme drought we had this last year and the extreme heat situation, we all know that that extreme heat, will reduce the population of the Bradyrhizobium in the soil.

Now when you ad the extreme drought on top of that, that just puts together a lethal to reduce the Bradyrhizobium in the soil. So what we would recommend is that every farmer inoculate their soybeans going into the 2013 planting season.

One way you inoculate your soybeans would be to use ABM's Graph-EX™ or Graph-EX SA™. Its a planter box treatment. You can add to your beans when you're out in the field. Or you could ask your seed company to put Excalibre™ or Excalibre SA™ on the soybeans for you before you even get it.