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Video : Soybean Cyst Nematode Plot Time-Lapse

Oct 22, 2013

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and sudden death syndrome (SDS) consistently cause soybean yield losses through out the North Central Region. Collaborative research has been under way in Indiana since 2010, to devise programs to manage these two pests simultaneously. We have documented the ability of SCN to overcome the most common source of SCN resistance, PI88788, in Indiana. Much of this research has been carried out in a grower's field in White County, Indiana where SCN populations are capable of overcoming PI88788 resistance and there is a history of SDS. This research indicates that drastic yield losses from SCN and SDS can occur in soybean fields with a history of SDS, and where SCN is capable of breaking down PI88788 resistance.

Beginning on August 1, we mounted a time-lapse camera in this field to monitor the symptoms of soybean varieties with various resistances to SCN and SDS. Although SDS symptoms were scarce in 2013, the sequence of pictures (i.e., video) demonstrates the lack of SCN resistance in PI88788 varieties. Varieties with a Peking source of resistance to SCN showed little to no symptoms of SCN. Also, this video dramatically shows that even though varieties may have the same source of resistance, the expression of resistance varies. As expected, the variety with no SCN resistance (marked as "S") exhibited extreme stress and accelerated maturity. Severe symptoms reduced the ability of the susceptible variety to canopy, resulting in increased weed pressure in these plots.