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Video: Soybeans Extruder - Production Line For Animal Feed, Tractor Driven PTO (Mar 11, 2013)
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This machine is designed for production of mixed fodders for cattle, swine, domestic animals (dogs and cats), poultry; full-fat extruded soy cake, rape and sunflower with increased digestibility and harmful bacteria purifying.

Extruder allows to process: groats of wheat, rye, maize, barley, peas, haricot, soybeans, rape, lupins, sunflower, meat-processing raw waste, stabilize rice bran

Technical specifications:

Parameter Value
Production capacity, kg/h for cereals and peas processing 700
Production capacity, kg/h for soybeans processing 1000
Production capacity, kg/h for meat-processing raw waste 500
Power Consumption, kW/h 92.5
Length, mm 2500
Width (with a cutter), mm 2600
Height, mm 2000
Weight, kg 2000
Warranty period, months 12
Warranty period of wearing parts, hours 400
Models: grain, soy, universal, for waste products

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