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New Concept: Combine + 1000 Bu Grain Cart.
by Joe Dales | 
Joe Dales
Joe Dales is a CoFounder of He has over 25 years of agri business management experience and prior to launching in 1998 he has sales, marketing and management positions with Pfizer, Cyanamid (now BASF) and Ciba (Now Syngenta). He and his wife Sandra also launched the website in 1997.
New Concept: Combine + 1000 Bu Grain Cart.


By Joe Dales, 

In this video we are going to introduce the Tribine, the brainchild of Ben Dillon.

Time is precious during harvest and many people think of new ideas and concepts to improve productivity and save time.

Inventor Ben Dillon actually went out and built the Tribine, an impressive new prototype machine, a combination of a combine and a 1000 bushel grain cart all in one articulated unit.  
Ben Dillon is a semi retired farmer who grows corn and soybeans in North Central Indiana and went to  Purdue studying ag economics.  He has persistently pursued his idea for over 12 years and the Tribine is the fourth generation of the harvester prototype.   Limited testing this year on Dillon’s farm demonstrated the basic functionality of the concept and more testing will be required before a commercially viable machine is available. Feedback from farmers on the Tribine is important for future changes and discussions to indentify a production partner have been held.  
 In total, there are 28 patents on the Tribine and offers a number of harvest time saving features.  The Tribine is making its world debut at the Ag Connect Expo this year in Kansas City . 
The Tribine is a modified AGCO combine where the grain tank is moved from the top of the machine to the rear. A 1000 bushels grain tank built by manufacturer Crust Buster is connected to the Tribine and is equipped with a 22 inch unloading auger that can move 500 bushels per minute. For more information you can visit their website at

Nice job on the Tribine Ben, we look forward to seeing it in the near future.


For more information visit their website at

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