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Paul Harvey's So God Made A Farmer.

Feb 18, 2013


By Harry Siemens, from

Siemens Says – The Ram trucks Super Bowl commercial entitled “Farmer” featuring the voice of Paul Harvey reciting the popular speech “So, God Made a Farmer” was powerful not only because of its message, but also because it sought to kick-off a yearlong campaign to raise money for the National FFA Foundation, while declaring 2013 “The Year of the Farmer.”

That opening statement from the website that started this whole thing about a year and a half ago. More on that later.

Click here for more pictures of that historic meeting…

I’m so happy to relive that awesome day as my wife Judith and I stood up on the media platform to hear Paul Harvey speak that day at the FFA convention, and to stay and hear then President Jimmy Carter. We took in our first National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention in 1978 in Kansas City. We stayed for that now grand a glorious day of the 50th FFA convention to hear both Paul Harvey and President Jimmy Carter. What memories !!! I have more… as they say in this business – stay tuned, or if you like now the rest of the story.
Joe Dales, owner of, a good friend for some years, called up to catch up and arrange a time we could get together, the week he would spend in Winnipeg for a few days in February.
We shared things going on in our lives, and he talked about this Ram commercial, the Farmer. While somewhat familiar with it, I hadn’t paid much attention to it because I didn’t watch the Superbowl, and we don’t have television.
Joe told me about how he’d taken this speech and how it went viral on Youtube, to make a long story short. Dodge people called him and the rest they say is history.
The remarkable thing for me and for him is the fact my wife and I attended that meeting in 1978 and I have the pictures to prove it.
Some other time, I will comment on the poem and Paul Harvey, but the rest of this column has to do with a sidebar, meaning a secondary part to that story.

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