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AGCO Introduces DynaFlex™ Flex Draper Header

AGCO Introduces DynaFlex™ Flex Draper Header

Truly flexible draper header with flexible cutterbar enhances harvest rate, optimizes soybean and small grain harvest without scalping or gouging

AGCO Corporation introduces the DynaFlex™ draper header for Gleaner, Massey Ferguson and Challenger combines. Available in 30 ft, 35 ft and 40 ft sizes, this new flex draper header offers important design features which maximize machine capacity to take harvesting accuracy and daily harvested acreage to the next level.

The header features a 41-inch-wide draper conveying system which allows the crop heads to face the same direction, improving crop flow, feeding and threshing. It also includes an exclusive flexible cutterbar design to provide precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil. The automatic header height control relays ground contours to the combine for a close even cut, even from the widest 40-foot header. Growers also will appreciate the header's fast and simple combine mounting system which bypasses the complexity of hydraulic pumps, motors and hoses common with competitive draper platforms.

"Draper headers are proven to increase harvesting rates by 25 percent or more because they provide a smooth, steady flow of material moving head first into the feeder house," says Kevin Bien, combine marketing manager at AGCO. "The innovative features of this new DynaFlex draper header are the most exciting achievements in header technology in years and have been designed specifically for the tough harvest conditions soybeans can present, yet the header is easily adapted to harvest milo or cereal crops."

The DynaFlex header is the result of more than three years of research and development and was created specifically for Gleaner, Massey Ferguson and Challenger model combines from 2003 and newer.

"We have a tradition of simplicity and practicality in our engineering, and we've blended all we've learned from more than three-quarters of a century of innovative crop-flow management to design, build and deliver unrivaled reliability with easy maintenance under the toughest crop conditions," Bien says. "The DynaFlex header is just the latest example of this long-standing tradition of harvesting innovation. We know growers won't be disappointed with the performance of this piece of equipment."

The header delivers a number of new innovations that growers will want to check out at farm shows and their local dealers this fall.

Flexible cutterbar provides precision cut

The DynaFlex header features independent dampened tilt arms, evenly spaced every 30 inches, which provide a true flexible cutterbar. With an 8-inch range of travel and 10 degrees of tilt adjustment, the floating cutterbar is easily adjusted for all crop conditions and provides precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil. The operator can position the profile of the sickle guard tips to touch the ground in down crop conditions. Tilting the cutterbar profile tips up when running in extreme rocky conditions helps prevent rocks and other foreign objects from entering the header or combine. Exclusive independent, timed and balanced dual sickle drives for the split sickle eliminate vibration for smoother operation.

Powerful, low-maintenance mechanical cutterbar drive

The sickles are driven by a Schumacher mechanical drive epicyclical gear system which moves the sickles at 600 RPM or 1200 sickle strokes per minute with a 3 1/8" (80 mm) stroke to provide a quick, complete cut with up to 400 percent more torque than belt or hydraulically driven systems.

The DynaMax™ cutterbar with spring-loaded hold-downs or the Schumacher (SCH) cutterbar with rollers are available so customers can match the cutterbar to their farming operation. Also, two sickles are available: row-crop with seven serrations per inch and small-grain with 14 serrations per inch. Both sickles provide clean cutting and dependable performance.

Reel drive integrates with combine hydraulics

The DynaFlex features a hydraulic reel drive system which is integrated with the combine hydraulics. This provides constant, positive fluid drive power to the reel at all times and increased reel motor capacity provides increased torque. With precise fingertip control and factory-installed reel-speed sensor, the operator can match reel speed to ground speed for optimum machine performance with minimum header crop loss.

Precise hydraulic pressure controls header flexibility

Header height and flexibility are controlled by single-acting hydraulic cylinders linked in series with an accumulator to the independent dampened tilt arms. Precise pressure settings ranging from 0 – 3,000 PSI allow for smooth cutting in all conditions. Low pressure permits complete flexibility of the cutterbar to follow field contours, while higher pressure provides reduced ground pressure and less flexibility which is recommended for soft ground conditions.

The automatic header height control features four potentiometers on the 30-foot header and six potentiometers on the 35- and 40-foot headers which relay ground contours to the combine and ensure that the wider headers will maintain the same close cut.

For more information on the DynaFlex flex draper header, see your local Gleaner, Massey Ferguson or Challenger combine dealer or visit, or

The new DynaFlex™ flex draper header for Gleaner, Massey Ferguson and Challenger combines is brand new from AGCO Corporation. Available in 30 ft, 35 ft and 40 ft sizes, this new flex draper header maximizes machine capacity, taking harvesting accuracy and daily harvested acreage to the next level. A 41-inch-wide draper conveying system improves crop flow, feeding and threshing.  The header also includes an exclusive flexible cutterbar design for precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil.  


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