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Mastitis in Pigs: Symptoms and Treatments

Mastitis is a disease of pigs that can also be found in various other animals such as cats. It is an inflammation of the breast tissue of the animal that is caused by infection by several different species of microorganism. As well as this inflammation other symptoms of the disease can include fever and restlessness. There could also be discharges including discoloured milk. The pig may also become lethargic and lose its appetite. Antibiotics can be used in treatment of the condition. But draining of the glands and, in more extreme cases, mastectomy could also be used.

Mastitis is a fairly rare condition in pigs but there are a number of different infective agents that may cause the disease. Amongst the bacterial invaders that may be present are the streptococcal species and the staphylococcal species. E. coli, and other coliform species, may be the cause. Various other species of bacteria may also be the cause of the problem. The infection is transmitted through the teats of the pig. This may be picked up in the blood or from the piglets.

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