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48 Volts For Agricultural Equipment – One Standard For Agricultural Implements
48 Volts For Agricultural Equipment – One Standard For Agricultural Implements
AGCO/Fendt has made a name for itself in the electrification of agriculture. For many years, Fendt has time and again developed practical solutions for the efficient and realistic use of electrical propulsion units and interfaces for agricultural machines. Fendt is now pleased to be the first agricultural manufacturer to present a 48 V solution for mid-range and large tractors. The tractors offer up to 10 kW of electrical power for implements. The interface that is used is the easily modifiable AEF high voltage interface.
At Agritechnica 2013, Fendt presented a Fendt tractor within the Fendt X Concept, with a high-voltage interface of up to 130 kW in addition to the hydraulic connections and PTO. In 2015, Fendt received a silver medal from DLG for the Fendt Former 12555 X rotary tedder with integrated electrical drive, in which the electric motor is integrated directly into the rotor. 2017 saw Fendt present further innovative solutions in the electrification field with the first fully electrically-powered tractor, the Fendt e100 Vario, and the MARS seed drilling robot.
48 Volts for increased efficiency and productivity
With the 48 V interface, Fendt meets the need of many farmers and implement manufacturers for a universal interface. This offers a safe and easy coupling option, but above all supplies more electrical power from the tractor. To date, the existing 12 V interfaces have been able to transmit a max. of 85 A. This corresponds to a total power of approx. 1 kW. Many implements needs more electrical power to show improvements in precision, productivity, and efficiency, e.g. in precision seeding (3 kW), during spraying (1.2 kW), or wrapping bales (6 kW).
This problem is solved by the 48 V system, plugging the gap between the 12 V connections (1 kW), and those with 700 V (150 kW). The 48 V generator takes the place of the 12 V generator, and continues to be driven by the existing standard belt. Up to 10 kW can now be transmitted to the implement, without the need to install complex and frequent refits and upgrades. An integrated voltage converter supplies the 12 V which is still needed.
A safe and convenient standard solution
Coupling the implements to the tractor is now more convenient and safe for customers thanks to components approved by Fendt. The overall system costs of the combine are also reduced by multiple use of the tractor generator, since extra power does not have to be generated for each implement, as is currently the case. 
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