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BASF Supports the Use of Heat Herbicideas A Pre-Harvest Application for the 2014 Season

Import tolerances now established for field peas, dry beans, sunflowers and soybeans

Effective today, BASF has establisheda complete set of maximum residue limits (MRLs)inkey export markets around the world, including the EU, for the use of HEAT® herbicidefor pre-harvest applications.

Growers can now apply HEAT herbicide for pre-harvest use on field peas, dry beans, sunflowers and soybeans.

“BASF is committed to innovative solutions that help Canadian growers produce the best crop possible,” said Danielle Eastman, Brand Manager, Western Herbicides,for BASF Canada. “HEAT herbicide tank-mixed with glyphosate offers growers a fast and complete drydown of crops and weedsto not only help speed up and improve harvest, but leave fields cleaner for the following year.”

When used as a harvest aid, HEAT tank-mixed with glyphosate speeds up days to harvest three to five times faster than glyphosate alone.

“While HEAT can be used as a harvest aid and desiccant on dry beans, field peas, sunflowers and soybeans, BASF is still working with key importing countries to establish MRLs for additional crops that are currently registered for pre-harvest use on the HEAT label,” said Eastman.

For other crops registered on the HEAT label for pre-harvest use,growers should consult with the processing and exporting companies that they plan to sell their crops to before finalizing harvest aid/desiccant decisions to ensure marketability of the crop.

Source: BASF