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Before Storing Equipment, Make Sure It's Clean
After a wet and dirty harvest, it's important to wash equipment before storing it to make sure it does not contain any traces of weeds or disease.
That from Jim Wood, vice president of agriculture with Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME).
Wood has a few tips for producers before washing down their equipment.
"If you are going to give it a thorough washing on the inside, on the internal components, make sure that once you're done that, you've gone in and regreased everything. Make sure your bearings are fully greased again and then just run the unit for five or ten minutes just to make sure it gets a lot of that moisture out of there because of course we know what moisture creates - rust."
Wood notes that this is also a great time to inspect equipment for any damage that occurred during the past year. He says RME offers Ag Optimization Specialists who can work with farmers to ensure that all on-board data collection solution technologies are functioning properly and that their machinery is accurately calibrated for the upcoming growing season.
Source : Portageonline